I have always been a car guy.  I started going to the auto auctions in the Valley 5 years ago.  I began to make a side business being there at the right times and looking for ANY car or truck that had some value left in it.  I got my used auto dealer's license this past year and - voila! - Auto Buzzard was born.   I tend to focus mainly on popular used car brands like Toyota, Nissan and Subaru.​


     My name is Chris Valterza, I have a degree in Philosophy from NAU.  I have a busy restaurant in Chicago with a great partner, so I now have more time to spend in Arizona as the 'Soul' Proprietor of Auto Buzzard. 

     I usually pick up cars at auction Mondays and Tuesdays and work on them through the week so they are ready for buyers on the weekend.  I can do all the paperwork in the office.  Cash and Cashiers check only.  The sweet spot in my pricing is $1500.  I love trade-ins - another mans trash is usually my treasure.​

About Auto Buzzard

A unique used car buying experience!


"Where road kill comes back to life!"

     It is a complete crap shoot for the public to go to one of these auctions and try and pick out a car. One mistake and you lose it all.  I take the risk out of the buying process and keep the prices low...real low and have a blast doing it.   Most used cars are sold on Craigslist and there is a lot of crap out there. Lastly, who wants to go to the typical used car lot?!  I am open and easy going and offer a unique used car buying experience.   I can promise that most of my cars will be like your favorite pair of jeans.  Just honest daily drivers in the 2nd half of their life cycle.

     I have a small shop/lot/storage that I work out of.  It is not fancy, but it is fun and does the job.  It's the place where the cars get finished (fluids, detail, brakes, windshields etc.).   I've also made strong relationships with local body shops, mechanics and parts suppliers, so I have all the bases covered.   Auto Buzzard is centrally located near Shamrock Foods, off  I-17, between Thomas and McDowell.