"Where road kill comes back to life!"

I am able to offer my services in all kinds of ways.

  • If you have a car you need to sell I can help you get it ready.  In most instances $250 to me will get you $500-$1000 more for your good used car.  Many people think their car is shot and that nobody would buy it.  Or, just don't have the energy to get it ready to sell.  Give me a try, let's give it a makeover and I will post it on craigslist for you, or put it through a good auction. 
  • I also love to buy decent running cars for cash that just need all the little stuff fixed.  Or, you may have a car you just don't want to deal with.  I can give you cash for a car you are planning to trade in.  I also love estate cars.
  • If you have an exact used car in mind, I can help you buy one at the auctions for a killer price!
  • I can help you with an auto salvage project.  When done properly this is the biggest bang for your buck!

Let me be your auto dealer concierge!